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32 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • Winter 2020 Treat Others with Dignity and Respect. In other words, treat people the same way you wish to be treated, just like in person. Unacceptable behavior includes: � Posting/texting cruel remarks � Gossiping � Bullying � Using profanity � Impersonating others Think Before Your Post. "Teenagers are all about instant gratification. They aren't necessarily thinking, 'Well if I do this how is this going to affect the other person? How's this going to affect my life in the future?'" says Sarah Manriquez, a licensed clinical social worker. Remind your kids to ask themselves questions like: � Would I want mom or dad to see this? � How would I feel about grandma seeing this? � Would I be embarrassed if everyone in school saw it? Show Empathy. Explain that when they forward or share photos/texts/videos that are harmful to a peer, they inadvertently condone cyberbullying. Also, steer clear of mean-spirited chat rooms where anonymous members dish up snarky, cruel comments for entertainment. How to Design a WRITTEN BY CHRISTA MELNYK HINES We raise our kids to be polite and respectful in person so why wouldn't we stress those same values in the online environment? A digital citizenship contract can help you spell out your expectations of appropriate online behavior and send a clear message about how seriously you take your child's safety and online reputation. Involve your kids in the process of outlining the contract to start a family dialogue about issues that can come up. Here's a checklist of points to cover in your contract. For more ideas about creating a family digital citizenship contract, visit Additional online resources include and Family Digital Citizenship Contract Family Digital Citizenship Contract 72% of kids between the ages of 6 and 17 have electronic devices in their rooms.

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