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Page 19 of 39 Use this simple "Back-to-School" Budget to start the school year with a plan! NSWC FCU Back-to-School Budget Main Branch NSASP - Dahlgren (540) 663-2181 Augustine Branch 2004 Augustine Ave. Fredericksburg (540) 373-5127 Plaza Branch 5472 James Madison Pkwy. King George (540) 663-2181 Southpoint Branch 5422 Southpoint Plaza Way Fredericksburg (540) 373-5127 Federally Insured by the National Credit Union Association Plan your expenses with this quick and easy Back-to-School Budget. This budget will help you consider your expenses, make necessary adjustments, and hit the stores armed with your pre-determined budget! Encourage your children to help you and start them on the road to good financial management. How much do you have to spend on back-to-school expenses? Now, estimate the following amounts you will spend for: Clothing School clothes Shoes School Supplies Books Sporting or hobby lessons/training (e.g., piano, tennis, karate) Notebooks/binders/paper Writing utensils Backpack Rulers/scissors/glue Other Electronics and computer-related equipment _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Total amount you have estimated to spend on back-to-school: Subtract (A) from (B) to see if you stayed within your budget Did you stay within your budget? (A) $ ____________ Sports/Lessons Sporting or hobby gear/equipment (e.g., soccer cleats, baseball uniform, ballet shoes) $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ $ ____________ (B) $ ____________ (B) - (A) = $ ____________ If your answer is a positive number, you have planned to spend only what your have budgeted to. Nice Job! If your answer is negative, oops, you are over your budget. Go back and rework your numbers to stay within your budget. Logon to for tips on how you can take the sting out of your Back-to-School expenses! "Everything we do, we do for YOU!" "Everything we do, we do for YOU!" 20 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • September 2012

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