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15 By KARA FERRARo away! I know every parent wants their child's birthday to be spectacular, and each year, as your child gets older and their wants become greater, it's easy to get caught up in the hype of trying to out do the previous year's birthday. Growing up with three siblings, one of which has his birthday only two days after mine, my parents tried their best to make our birthdays special. Each year on our birthday we would arrive home from school and there would be balloons, gifts and handmade cards around the "Birthday Chair." As soon as we finished dinner and gobbled up our cake, the birthday child was directed to sit in the birthday chair and would proceed to open up their gifts. It was a magical moment for which I waited all year. on my tenth birthday, I received a blue three-speed bike. Aside from that, A the only other gift I remember receiving was a small wooden trinket box my mother had polyurethaned with some random magazine pictures and a groovy picture of me with a "shag" haircut and the date 1976 on the inside. That was thirty-six years ago—and I still have my trinket box today. now that I am a mother of two children, I look at birthdays in a whole child's birthday is the most anticipated day of the year. If your child is like most, as soon as the party is over they are already talking about what they want to do or get for their next birthday—364 days Birthday Traditions You Can Start Right Now Create Magical Moments Your Children Won't Forget the house or their room with balloons, confetti, flowers or a homemade banner. 1 The night before your child's birthday, decorate Birthday song. 2 3 Wake up your child by singing the happy birthday breakfast. birthday pictures from the years past and decorate the house with them. stick a special birthday snack or note in your child's lunch box. 4 5 6 7 new light. I think back on my own childhood memories and realize that I now have the control to create family birthday traditions for my children. We are all so busy these days and finding simple, inexpensive ways to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary birthday celebration may take a little time and creativity, but it certainly doesn't have to empty your wallet. What children want more than anything on their birthday is to feel like it is their own special day. so find ways to help celebrate it with them. here are 15 ways you can start your own birthday traditions to create some magical moments that your children will remember for years to come. 12 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • June 2012 bring cupcakes. okay, they may not like this when they get older, but during the elementary years you and that box of cupcakes will be more popular than Taylor swift, i-Carly or BeyBlades! have lunch with your child at school and birthday cake. It's more fun for them to decorate the cake and get sugared up on eating the extra batter, frosting and sprinkles than it is actually eating the cake—regardless of their age. have your child help you make their own Pull out some baby pictures or other start the day off by making a special exciting

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