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14 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • March 2016 How to Choose a Good Pediatrician WRITTEN BY KELLY MORRISON PHOTOS BY STEPHANIE JOHNSON Finding a pediatrician may not be your first thought in beginning stages of pregnancy, but selecting a doctor early on is important! These days, women are beginning to search for a pediatrician as early as the second trimester of pregnancy, says the American Pregnancy Association. A pediatrician is not the only choice for your child's doc- tor – general practitioners or family doctors can also be a primary health care provider for any age. However, the American Board of Pediatrics states that pediatricians are the best choice because they know about the dis- eases, symptoms and developmental standards that are specific to children, from birth through adolescence. The American Academy of Pediatrics outlines what you can expect from pediatrician visits: • Help in determining healthy lifestyles for your child and useful ways to role model your choices • Advice to prevent illness and/or injuries • Early and appropriate care of acute illness to prevent its progression • Treatment for life-threatening childhood conditions requiring intensive care • Guidance in anticipating child's needs from newborn to 21 years old What to Expect?

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