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October 2014

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www.FredParent.NET • • • 19 Matthew H. Caspersen, D.D.S., M.S. (540) 371-2611 (888) 371-2612 • Helping adults and children of all ages • Offering affordable payment options • Military discounts available Call for a FREE Consultation! Featuring quality American-made braces Find Your Smile With Us! knew me he replied, "I can't remember your name, but I remember I love you." My heart raced, my uncle had been robbed, but I took consolation in knowing that he remembered loving me. From then on, the conversations were never the same but he continued to smile in love. They say that when you get older the true you comes out. I worry that one day I will be a cranky old lady but that is another story. The true Uncle Cee was gentle and filled with love. Alzheimer's did not rob him of himself. According to New Life Outlook, every 68 seconds someone develops Alzheimer's in the United States. It is the sixth leading cause of death. More than 5 million Americans are living with this disease and that number will increase as the population contin- ues to age. The emotional and financial costs are enormous. Most important, there is no cure. But, progress is being made. According to BrightFocus funded research, recent studies with cell therapy in mice has shown to protect against Alzheimer's dis- ease. Also, progress is being made toward a blood test for preclinical Alzheimer's disease. Researchers have conducted a new study they say can predict with greater than 90 percent accuracy whether a healthy person will develop mild cognitive impair- ment or Alzheimer's within three years. These studies and many others show promise toward early identification and a cure for this dis- ease. We have hope and it is closer than we think. But hope needs a helping hand on all fronts. Help to fund the continued research for a cure. Give caregivers a break as this disease takes a physi- cal and emotional toll on everyone. Take the time to record the family histories that can be passed to others, especially young children who may not understand what is happening. One day, the story- teller will be gone. Videotape them with the loved one. Keep a diary of the time spent with the per- son so that one day these stories can be read back when words can no longer be spoken. Take lot of pictures doing the things the person loves so that the light of recognition may shine. And always remember to show love for one day someone close may not remember your name, but hopefully they will remember they love you. Thank you Uncle Cee for remembering that you love me. They say that when you get older the true you comes out. I worry that one day I will be a cranky old lady but that is another story.

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