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3 The Raptured: These teens live to be at prom. It was a "must" from the first mention. Parental Reaction: Give support and set healthy boundaries, including budget and details — dress, dinner, after prom, etc. These are the teens that may need infusing with reality and perhaps, some perspective. They may be disappointed as dreams catapult this night into a movie set with supernatural happenings: hoisting them to popularity or a dance with a secret crush. This night will come and go much like the rest of their high school careers. Whatever that means for them, they can have fun. Attempt to help limit potential disappointment by discussing expectations. Encourage your prom-goer to make this a night for responsible choices; a time to celebrate with friends the accomplishments of their school years. Celebrate the milestone, but make decisions you will be proud of in twenty years. It is a "tradition," but will not be the most important night of their life, so don't abandon healthy decisions or pin hopes and dreams on its outcome. If your prom-aged one stays home, support them and remind that there are more important evenings in their future. Elaine Stone, mother of three, lives in Spotsylvania. Write: family values Have Good, Sober Fun 1. There are about driving accident U.S. each year. 17,031 drunk deaths in the 2. There is a drunk driving death every 30 minutes. 248,000 accidents 3. About people are injured in where police reported that alcohol was present. eight 4. Every day, teenagers are killed in the U.S. from drugs and alcohol use while driving. 5. Have your son or daughter sign a Prom Promise. Access a sample at:, or write up one designed by you and your teen. www.fredericksburgparent.NET 29

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