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28 Fredericksburg Parent and Family • April 2019 ages & stages WRITTEN BY CHRISTY MELNYK HINES What's Your Pregnancy IQ? Pregnancy comes with plenty of questions. Do you have all of the answers? Take our quiz to find out your pregnancy IQ. What is considered a full-term pregnancy? A. 37 weeks B. 39 weeks C. 40 weeks Answer B: A full-term pregnancy is a pregnancy that lasts between 39 weeks, 0 days and 40 weeks, 6 days. Babies born full term have the best chance of being healthy com- pared with babies born earlier or later. When is the best time to begin taking prenatal vitamins? A. After the first trimester B. When your pregnancy is confirmed C. At least three months prior to conception Answer C: If possible, the best time to start taking prenatal vitamins is at least three months before conception. Take prenatal vitamins that contain at least 400 mcg folic acid, which helps prevent brain and spinal cord defects. Under what circumstances do doctors recommend inducing pregnancy before 39 weeks gestation? A. You're expecting twins/multiples B. You've been diagnosed with hypertension or pre-eclampsia C. You're experiencing complications with diabetes D. All of the above Answer D: Most doctors discourage elective inductions before 39 weeks unless waiting poses a health risk to mom or baby.

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