Stupider Cupid

February 13, 2012

More of the Valentine saga.  So in a panic I broke down and ordered photo cards from Costco, meant for family and friends out of town.  I've managed to address and mail a little more than half of them.  Fingers crossed, they won't be stuck in postal purgatory -- they stand a chance of arriving as Valentines and not sad little reminders of my inability to make a holiday deadline. 

Still on tap: sweet little homemade notes for classroom friends.  So many minutes spent stalking DIY sites.  At this point, getting ready to pop a creative gasket.  So cute, so little time.  No more pink and red -- please make it stop.

Obsessing on lollipops.  Also known as "valentine's sucks."  Do you know how many lollilops feature prominently in make-it-yourself cards? According to Family Fun, I'm supposed to cut a small paper triangle and insert the stick.  then glue on a teeny weeny mask  and boom.  You've got the Caped Cute-Sader.  Caped Cute-sader - Image Collection

A veritable Tootsie Pop Justice League.  Other sites advice taking a Dum Dum and shoving the stick through paper hearts, arranged to look like petals -- a candy garden.  Or I could wrap the pop in a tissue, secured with orange yarn.  Oh, look a Valentine ghost.  Whoops, wrong holiday -- I'll save that for Halloween.  

Here's something new -- a photo of your kid, taken so their hand is way up a the front of the screen and appears larger.  Print them on heavy paper and insert the lolly so it looks like your precious one is holding the candy out to you.  Too much advanced planning.  I could never persuade La Principessa to cooperate long enough to pose --- we'd end up with something that looked like her hocking that sucker in your face. Or other hand gestures that do not make a parent proud.  Not what I'm going for.  Still looking for ideas and the clock's ticking....stay tuned.

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Stupider Cupid

More of the Valentine saga.  So in a panic I broke down and ordered photo cards...