School Daze

June 16, 2012

Time to bid fond farewell to another school year. Here are YCBS's top 5 Don'ts for selecting teacher gifts.

1. You may want to ditch anything with an apple on it. I think the last little red school house disappeared 60 years ago but the apple is still pretty much the universal symbol of the classroom leader. In fact, if you Google "teacher", up pops screen after screen of apple-stamped mugs, stationery, sweaters, baskets, lotions and soaps. And I bet any teacher around is barely restraining themselves from hurling a bushelfull at your noggin.

2.  No, wait -- anything with an Apple on it is great! How about an iPad for your favorite instructor? I've read about parents in big muckety-muck cities like, DC, LA, or...Cleveland... where the parents give daycare providers, sitters, therapists and teachers things like tickets to the Kennedy Center (or Lincoln Center --- fill in big city fancy arts venue.) Or you can skip the culture and give a spa day. First, I don't know about you but I cant compete with that kind of generosity, er, bribes.  Plus I don't know that it would be a wanted. After 9 months with La Principessa, most teachers have had their fill of operatic drama. I know that for me, a week into a school vacation, I often feel like I'm wearing a bag of hot rocks pressed into my back.

3. Lillian Vernon pencil-themed tote bags. Well,let's not put too fine a point on it: Skip anything from Lillian Vernon. It's not exactly a panic purchase, because even if you do freak out and order impulsively, you still need to budget a little time to get it delivered. No, it's not panic so much as apathy.  Because there's nothing like some crap from Lillian Vernon to send the message that "I didn't actually care enough to give this some thought."

4. Basket o' turkey jerky. Really? That's what happens when Daddy-O chooses the teacher gifts.  Just say no.  Even if it's in a gift pack. Step away from the dried meat-product, sir.

5. Fun fingerprint stationery. Have your little one press their paint-soaked fingers on paper.  Add antennae and you've got adorable ladybug notes.  Hmm, not so much -- it's actually called a napkin. Mrs. CrissCrossApplesauce probably has a closet full of blouses, skirts and pants that have been hand-stamped with kids' mitts.


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School Daze

Time to bid fond farewell to another school year. Here are YCBS's top 5 Don'ts for...