Class-icks Part 2

November 6, 2012

The Class-icks are baack!  Started on your holiday shopping yet?  Here are some more great suggestions for the young readers on your list. 

Red Fish, Blue and Moldy Fish?  This little gem hales from Dr. Seuss’ more activist phase. Green Eggs and Harm delights young readers with word play, rhyming couplets and tips for safe food storage. Follow the adventures of Salmonella and her pal, E Coli.

Only in a magical land. Enchanting mostly grown-ups, the classic, Where the Wild Things Snore, by More-sleep Send-nap, immerses readers in a special place where everyone snoozes at regular times, but especially when it’s dark, and we’re all tired, and I have to go to work in the morning. Please. Just go to sleep.

Get around much? For the parents who haven’t eaten at a table in 2 months, Guess How Much I Drive You, by Anneda Brake, is a charming yarn about familial love --- and round-the-clock shuttle service to school, soccer, ballet, clarinet lessons, scouts, and Mandarin-language enrichment sessions.

Kissing Cuss’ins. Have mommy and daddy been extra careful to avoid swear words around the tikes? Well, imagine their innocent surprise when Uncle George forgot to yell, “Fudge” when he stubbed his toe. Try Bleep Frog. This handy learning device will automatically blur any expletives or just plain unsavory phraseology within shouting distance of your little one and keep their cursing capability way below grade level.  

Give me..a break? We all know what happens when you give a moose a muffin. What fun ensues when you Give a Skunk Some Skittles? Generally, he puts up such a stink you have to break out the chocolate. Sounds like time to give a mom a Mai Tai. the woods? Cuddly ursine creatures have always loomed playfully in the childhood imagination. As does toilet training. Get the down and dirty from Brown Bear Brown Bear Where Do You Pee? There’s a reason why he's a brown bear and they’re Beren-stained Bears.

Richard Really Freakin’ Scarry. Join this beloved author as he ditches the lederhosen and lives up to his ominous name with The Biggest Creepy Clowns Alphabet Pop-Up Book Ever.  Watch the heart-pounding parade of circus tramps --- from Anxiety to Zeppo, Grotesque to Xanax --- as they leap from the page to scare the bejesus out of you and your family. In addition to the tearful screaming, it’s interactive too. When a random clown car pops out, encourage the kids to slap it back in place flatter than Mr. Frumble’s Pickle Car.

 Coming soon after the new year: Charlotte's Interwebs, and Strega Nona Says Fuggedaboutit...Whatchu Lookin' At.


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The Class-icks are baack!  Started on your holiday shopping yet?  Here...