Why Gastric Bypass Surgery?

November 26, 2013

Over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to pursue weight loss surgery. I did a great deal of research on the internet and looked at the various surgical options (banding, sleeve, or bypass). I looked at www.webmd.com, Wikipedia, and my insurance plan initially. Then I started looking at local surgeons (approved by my insurance) to see what their sites recommended.


Each of these sites mentioned that surgery was NOT a cure-all. I was going to have to give up foods I loved and exercise was going to have to become a priority. It was a daunting concept at first, but the thought of being able to be healthy was more important to me than losing a few favorite food items. As for exercising, I wanted to be able to join my husband and kids in physical activities!


Finally, after careful reflection and research, I selected the gastric bypass surgery for several reasons:


  1. It is irreversible. That means that by having this surgery I was making a life-long commitment to weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  1. As the most popular surgery, it has been conducted longer than the other options. My thought (and hope!) was that since doctors had more practice, the procedure would be safer.


  1. Of the three options the average weight loss after gastric bypass surgery is much higher (66% of the weight you needed to lose to reach a healthy BMI) than the other options (41% with banding and 60% with the gastric sleeve).


  1. My life experience. This is somewhat more subjective, but I know someone who was successful with gastric bypass and others who were unsuccessful with the sleeve and banding options.


Since writing this blog for Fredericksburg Parent, I have been approached several times to talk about my experience with gastric bypass surgery and my thoughts on the other surgical options. I am happy to provide my opinion, but it is just that: my OPINION. I'm not a medical professional, just a woman who wanted to lose weight and was successful with gastric bypass.


If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, do the research! Most of the surgeons have good resources on their websites. I also recommend that you read the information on more general medical sites. Whatever path you choose, I wish you the best of luck and many years of healthful living ahead!

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Why Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to pursue weight loss surgery. I...