Saying Goodbye to the “Girls”

April 4, 2013

This is a bit embarrassing to write (sorry to my uncle who reads my blog faithfully), but it is time for some talk about the "girls". Yes, I am referring to my breasts. They have been noticeably shrinking, but yesterday was an eye opener. Not onl
y are they smaller, they are super saggy. So finding the right bra is really important. I don't want rolls of skin up top or double boobs from tight pushup bras, just a nice lift to make me look like I still have some cleavage.

Back in Jangirlsuary, I posted I was looking forward to moving to a 38 so I could purchase more affordable bras. I started looking and wasn't finding what I wanted. I discussed this with my surgery nurse (and weight-loss mentor) at my three month check-up and she recommended a store near their office. So, I waited patiently until my next appointment to go. I even arranged for my kids to be at camp, thus allowing me to take my time being sized and shopping. The sales clerk did an excellent job and was very helpful, but I was shocked when she told me I was a C cup. I haven't been a C since 1994!

I was a late bloomer and didn't really need a bra until I was in college. In my twenties and working on my career, I was told to downplay my cleavage and let my brains do the talking. I wore high necklines all the time. However in my thirties, I began to embrace my girls and "showed off my assets" a bit more. After my two kids were born, the girls grew to an all-time high 42HH. And I'm sad to see them go. My bust has played a significant part in my wardrobe selection for years.

Surgery enhancements are not something I'm willing to consider at this time as my weight has not yet stabilized. So it may be time for a style update. Lose the tight fitting camisole and cardigan and find something new, perhaps a sheath dress. The upside to the downsizing of my chest is my husband will really have to look at my pretty blue eyes now!

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Saying Goodbye to the “Girls”
Saying Goodbye to the “Girls”

This is a bit embarrassing to write (sorry to my uncle who reads my blog faithfully),...