August 22, 2013

It's been just over a year since I made a decision to have gastric bypass surgery. As I have been reflecting the past few weeks on this year of radical change for me, I was able to visit some friends and family who have not seen me very much (or in some cases at all) since my operation. Their reactions and responses reaffirmed that surgery was the right choice for me.

Hearing others' perceptions of me and my weight loss journey intrigues me. It is sort of like a 360 degree feedback process. It gives me perspective. Some of the wonderful things I heard were very motivating. A colleague who is a runner told me I could work the school carnival and run a 10K the next day. Her advice was “you've got this, just go run.” She's right I do, I just lack confidence some times. Another dear friend told me she was so happy that I was getting my health back. It made me realize: not just my family was concerned about my weight-related health issues.

Speaking of family, visiting my brother and family was a blast. Not only did I get to visit with a wonderful group of people, I got to show off my new bikini (Yes, I really bought one!). However, the best part of the day was when my brother told me he was amazed with my dedication to running. I've always admired my brother's athleticism. He has always been physically fit. He stays active (running, basketball, soccer, weights, etc.) So for him to tell me he was impressed with how far I'm running regularly was really special.

The last and possible most interesting feedback I've gotten to date came from a client I've worked with for over 11 years. He told me not only do I look happier (which I hear frequently) but that my voice sounds lighter. Perhaps reducing the fat around my throat and voice box has reduced some strain. I have no idea, but I like the thought of actually sounding lighter!

Any way you slice it, I had a great week and am grateful for all the fantastic people in my life.

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