December 3, 2012

I survived my gastric bypass surgery and returned from the hospital on Friday. Fortunately, it was a non-eventful stay. The highlights being: Day One - I kept forgetting to breathe which set off the oxygen monitors and Day Two: an allergic reaction to morphine leaving my chest as red as Santa's suit. Both issues were easily handled by the hospital staff.

Now I'm home (it's Monday and the kids and hubby are gone). I've caught up on Facebook and email with all the well wishes that were sent while I was out.

Here are the questions I've gotten:

  1. Did it hurt? Answer: Yes!!! My stomach has been cut and stapled my intestines cut and moved and stapled and I have a hose (technically called a port) hanging out of my right side.

  2. Were the drugs good? Answer: Yes!!! Except I was so loopy I don't remember most of it.

Now comes the hard part for me, learning to eat with a smaller stomach. I'm still on a liquid diet for the two weeks post surgery, so lots of protein shakes but soup is now allowed. There aren't many instructions on this. It's like: try some options and see what works. I learned on Saturday I'm a gulper. When I gulp too much air gets in my stomach and it hurts. So I will learn to sip like a lady.

The easy part for me is the exercise. There are concrete goals, to overachieve (2 miles in 1 hour by 1 month post surgery). At the hospital, I started with two short laps around the floor on Day 1 and ended with 11 long laps (30 minutes), which totaled a mile, on Day 3. So now I'm off the drugs and on the treadmill. Saturday 30 minutes was too easy, but 45 minutes hurt afterwards when I tried it on Sunday. So today I think I will go 40 minutes instead. I guess I still have to learn moderation in all things, including my fitness goals!

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I survived my gastric bypass surgery and returned from the hospital on Friday. Fortunately,...

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