On the Mend!

December 13, 2012

My road to recovery is going smoothly. There are a few bumps here and there, but all-in-all everything is going by the book. Here are the highlights:


  • It's been fun watching the scale drop daily. However, I find I get frustrated as the weight loss has started slowing down. (Today I only lost 3-tenths of a pound.)

  • My favorite jeans are an inch too big in the waist. I should be joyful they are now in the giveaway pile, but I really loved they way they used to fit and I don't want to spend the money for expensive clothes while I'm still losing weight quickly.

  • I went out to a restaurant for soup with a friend on Friday.

  • My port was removed on Thursday. This is the absolute highlight of the week.

  • Sunday I walked 3 miles in an hour! (Thank goodness there's a TV to keep me entertained.)


I'm learning to make sure I don't get too hungry and don't rush my drinking (I'm still on a liquid diet) when time is short for a meal. Friday, I get to start pureed foods. So the blender will become a permanent fixture on the counter for the next few weeks. I'm still contemplating my first blended item. There is a pizza soup recipe that I may give a try, since Friday is pizza night at our house.


It helps my motivation having new things to look forward to each week. Also, it gives me something to write! Speaking of something to write, please leave me comments here and let me know what you think or questions you have.

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On the Mend!

My road to recovery is going smoothly. There are a few bumps here and there, but...