Non Scale Victories

February 6, 2013

Non Scale Victories


I learned a new term this week, Non Scale Victories (NSVs). It simply is marvelous to look at successes that are not reflected on that evil torture device known as the bathroom scale. So for the past few days I have been focusing on MY NSVs.


  1. My neck is down from a linebacker’s 18 inches to a lady’s 15 inches. It is great to have my pearls hang nicely without an extension!

  2. I have rediscovered my waist and it is currently 37 inches!

  3. My ever-shrinking hips now slide into a size 10 jeans!

  4. I returned to exercise class this week and did not injure myself!


The list goes on. But the biggest NSV was on Saturday when I took my eight-year-old son to a skating birthday party. Yes, readers, I donned my roller skates and skated for a half hour. Fortunately, I didn't fall (my daughter's fear). It was the first time since my gastric bypass surgery that I have been able to participate in one of my children's activities, which was one of my main goals for “going under the knife” in the first place. I remember at a party in June watching other parents out with their kids and being sad because I feared if I fell, I would surely break something. My son was so happy to see “Mom” out there, and I was thrilled to be a part of the event instead of sitting on the sidelines. I didn't even miss the birthday cake! (ok well, maybe the icing…just a tiny bit…but it was worth missing it in the big picture, for sure!).


Next up, we all three will be training for the Grizzly Mile at Riverbend High School in March. Since spring is approaching, please let me know if you have any suggestions for physical activities for families. I’m still new to this wonderful world of keeping fit with my kids and welcome all ideas!

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Non Scale Victories
Non Scale Victories

Non Scale Victories   I learned a new term this week, Non Scale Victories...