It's Hunting Season!

November 4, 2013

No, I'm not talking about shopping for that perfect holiday gift! I'm talking about putting on my camouflage and sitting in a tree for the day. Yes, I hunt. I started this pursuit three years ago in preparation for a 10 year wedding anniversary trip (bear hunt) with my husband. My husband is an avid outdoorsman and I accepted that when we married. I tried to “enjoy” being a hunting widow every fall. But eventually, he wore my resistance down. First, there were the annual trips to the Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA every February. Then the 35 Remington (a rifle) he gave me for my birthday. The tipping point was the trip where I saw a bear at the cabin while the guys were out hunting. That was when I decided it was time to join in the fun.hunting


As with many things, I've learned is hunting is not what I expected. It requires a lot of discipline and sitting still is really hard. Which I find humorous, since until recently I have been a pretty dormant person! Our hunting trip this year to our cabin in New York posed some new issues: I needed a new wardrobe with more and warmer layers; keeping warm even with additional clothes was difficult, and I had to carefully time my eating (nothing will alert an animal to your presence more than the scent of food). I was excited to be a smaller size (hoping to buy women's hunting clothing) but ended up buying men's smalls to get warmer options.


I was amazed how easy it was to walk in the woods this year compared to past years when I trudged along (even with my muzzleloader and backpack it was a breeze!). I walked a mile to my blind daily at a very slow, quiet pace, which is much harder than hiking. The highlight of my trip happened when I was following Jeff; I watched him sink in the mud, however when I stepped in the mud I didn't sink!


Hunting is not for everyone, and I have yet to shoot an animal. But I love spending time with my husband and being thinner has made it easier for me to participate in this activity.

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It's Hunting Season!
It's Hunting Season!

No, I'm not talking about shopping for that perfect holiday gift! I'm...