Food, Glorious Food...OR NOT!

April 15, 2013

strawberriesRecently, I was at my surgeon's for yet another check-up. I was given a Food Importance Survey to take. As I was taking it, I remembered taking the same survey back in November at my pre-op appointment. Wow, have my answers changed. Questions like “Do you dream about what you are going to eat?” or “When you see a food you want, do you immediately eat it?”. I used to answer “Frequently” to these questions, now my answer is “Once in a while”. I hadn't realized how much my attitude about food had changed until I took that survey. Thank goodness for a good memory, because the results of these surveys are never reviewed with me.

For the past three months I've been eating “real” food and my weight loss has decreased a lot (from five pounds a week to a more typical 1-2 pounds a week). However, what I choose to eat and how I go about eating has changed since surgery. First and foremost, I keep a food journal. My attitude is “eat what you want, but be honest about it”. Second, my journal is open to my “friends” on the food journal network, so there is some accountability. (I can't go online and whine about not losing five pounds a week if my calorie intake is 1200 and my carbohydrates are 100+ calories). Third, I loosely plan my eating. What I mean is, when I eat pancakes for breakfast, I plan the rest of my meals for the day based on my dietary needs (low in carbohydrates, low in calories, high in protein). 

Previously, I would see something I wanted and eat it, with no real thought to my protein intake or even the amount of calories in that candy bar. The only consequences were on the scale, which I avoided like the plague. There was no accountability, as I would typically eat like this when I was alone. 

As I write this, I'm thinking I could really do a better job of planning my meals in detail. I am a natural planner, but when it comes to eating I seem to be more “I'm hungry, FEED ME NOW!!!” kind of gal. So, I stock the refrigerator (and my purse) with items that work for my dietary needs. Most of these are high protein, low fat choices (diet Greek yogurt, protein bars, low-fat cheese wheels). Although, I have to confess, two tablespoons of peanut butter with a couple of pretzel sticks do make a yummy, filling lunch. (Not low fat, but high in protein). Last night, I had a special treat: strawberries soaked in Splenda® with Sugar Free Cool Whip. It was delicious. Amazingly, I didn't even miss the pound cake. 

Do you have a great low-calorie recipe or high-protein, low-calorie food favorite? Please post them in the comment section below. I'm now in the “market” for new food ideas, thanks!

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Food, Glorious Food...OR  NOT!
Food, Glorious Food...OR NOT!

Recently, I was at my surgeon's for yet another check-up. I was given a Food Importance...