Back to Reality

December 19, 2012

Last week I went back to my full-time life. This included working for two clients remotely, attending PTA events and meetings, running kids to/from school (and activities) and exercising five days of the week. This is what I found:


  • I have more energy on the days I exercise and physically feel better.

  • My heart rate doesn't go above 115 beats per minute (definitely not my target heart rate) when I'm walking on the treadmill and watching TV.

  • Caffeine gives me the jitters now.

  • Nine o'clock is my new bed time. I am exhausted by then.


Friday, I started foods from the blender. As excited as I was about getting off liquids, I've been quite timid about this migration, usually replacing just two out of six meals with pureed foods. It's probably my first time at trying something in moderation without conscious thought. (Yay, me!!!!!)


My daughter's birthday party was on Sunday and I felt terrific. There were lots of compliments on my noticeable weight loss, which was great for my ego. Fortunately, I bought a small cake and there were only two pieces left on Monday for the kids' breakfast (a family tradition). The icing was much more tempting on Monday, making me realize, I didn't miss it at all on Sunday. This is HUGE progress.


It is easy for me to pick out the negatives and review them religiously in my head (I don't think I'm alone here). So I am trying to focus on the successes in my writing. Your comments continue to encourage me to share this journey. Please feel free to post your feedback.


Wishing everyone a happy holiday and I will be back after Christmas!

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Back to Reality

Last week I went back to my full-time life. This included working for two clients...