January 23, 2013

After getting some feedback on the draft of my last blog post, I started thinking about the fact that I have been internally downplaying my weight loss success. It's easy to "like" a comment on Facebook, but not really intellectualize it. I found that I was thanking someone for a compliment at school, but my eyes were looking down at the ground. Finally when at the doctor's last week for my post surgery (part 2) check up, I realized not everyone who has surgery is successful at losing weight. So I challenge you the next time you see me to make me look you in the eye when you compliment me (not that I'm asking you to give me praise). I am working hard at this, and I deserve to enjoy the rewards!

Rewards are a glorious thing and I got a couple in the past week. First, I was moved up to eating real food. Just small amounts and simple, limited items, BUT, it's real food I can chew! I am beside myself with joy. (I'm currently enjoying a cheese wheel paired with 4 wheat thins.) The second was I am now wearing a size 12 jeans! I was so excited I was going to buy a second pair. However when I put them on over the weekend to go shopping, they were sagging in the butt. So I'm holding off for the size 10's! My shirts are starting to look way too big as well. My husband is sad my boobs are shrinking, currently a 40D from a 42HH. I'll be glad when I'm down to a 38 and can buy bras at more affordable places. Next week, I'll post a picture in my old clothes for a look at 2 months post surgery and maybe those new size 10 jeans too!

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After getting some feedback on the draft of my last blog post, I started thinking...