March 14, 2013

After my last installment was published, I broke through my plateau. Thanks to all my friends, family and readers for the wonderful words of wisdom! Every day for 10 days or so I would get on the scale and the number would drop. (I lost 14 pounds). It was awesome! I have a little dance I do when the scale drops (think of the gopher from Caddyshack), and I was dancing until it hurt.


However, the hurt wasn't from dancing. I ended up back in the ER last week, where it was determined I have an ulcer. No definitive reason why, but I researched it on the internet and it may be that mystomach pouch is just too big and is rubbing a sore. I can't express how disappointing it feels to be physically punished for being successful at following the predetermined rules for weight loss surgery.  Now I have to take six more pills a day to manage the ulcer, four are huge horse pills and they are chalky and just yucky.


Of course this has happened at a terrible time. The pain started on Friday and all weekend I debated heading to the ER, but told myself I was being a “Nervous Nellie”. I started working with a new client on Monday and was scheduled to be in their office Monday through Wednesday. My daughter came down with an ear infection over the weekend as well. (Can you say, “Enough already!”) On Tuesday, the kids' school was celebrating Dr. Seuss and I was supposed to sell pizza for the PTA before the festivities began. Fortunately, my friends at school saw me at parent pick up and offered to sell pizza for me and sent me home. Later that evening I drove to the hospital. Thank goodness for the snow day on Wednesday! It gave me just enough time to have an upper GI scope, find the ulcer and get the pain under control.


So, my work/life balance is off kilter and I am supposed to be “taking it easy” per the doctor's orders. (Not sure how that is working out, since I'm getting stressed just typing this). I'm planning my days even tighter now, trying to figure out how to work, work out, and make all my non-work appointments. But on Sunday, I stopped for four hours, relaxed and caught up with my brother and his family. Which reminds me, I had surgery to be healthy and active with my family. A friend suggested taking an hour a day for myself to go for a walk, I think I'll start with 20 minutes...Right Now!

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After my last installment was published, I broke through my plateau. Thanks to all...

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