You're Going for How Long????!!!!

November 10, 2013

We're all ridden with guilt...that mom guilt: you know exactly what I'm talking about, right? But sometimes the opportunity to be selfish arises and you just have to take it. My sister recently proposed a two-week trip to India while between jobs. She came up with a plan that I simply HAD to consider; the two of us visiting India and doing whatever we pleased on the trip.

ameeta-planeAyurvedic massages, shopping, visiting family, more shopping, eating the amazing cuisine and of course, my sister's favorite past-time, stalking Bollywood stars. India is not a place I would want to take my children at their young ages. I'm sure it would be fine but if we could go anywhere with them, it would most likely not be India.

However, two women on their own traveling on a whim to a place where relatives are plentiful, loving and helpful...well now that is worth consideration. Throw in the fact that my husband is not working until the New Year and it's almost a no-brainer. "Just two weeks," that's what I told him. I know he didn't take me seriously at first. I am a very hands-on mom after all. He thought I would never be able to leave my children for that long.

But with my parents just down the road, my husband Ashoka home, my mom happy to cook the meals, the kids in school (preschool and kindergarten), it all seems to point to the fact that it's an opportunity I should not overlook. So I did it. I'm sitting here in the business class lounge (that's how my sister travels, add that to my benefits list!) writing this blog, feeling guilty and telling myself all the reasons I should not feel guilty. I mean I nursed both kids for over a year, can this count against that?!

Well I am packed and committed. Getting ready was a process but not as bad as I imagined. My main goal was obviously making sure my husband would not be more annoyed than necessary in my absence! I stocked the pantry and refrigerator, and cleaned it out in the process, made sure that he would only need bread and milk and not run out of any other essentials in my absence.
Of course, as I sit writing this he just texted to ask for something that I forgot to stock up on ...and the plane has yet to take off! Where was I? Oh yes, I wrote checks to some of our home maintenance workers, informed my kids' teachers of my two-week absence and passed along his contact information. I wrote a list of dates for Ashoka regarding school activities, and copied him on emails I sent regarding appointments for the next couple of weeks and I made sure I made him a batch of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. I went to have lunch with my son today before leaving. He looked unwell so I brought him home. Here I sit in the lounge, feeling guilty that my tired, slightly sick son is home and I'm about to get on a plane...oh the guilt...but at the same time, oh the excitement.

Two weeks of freedom, here I come!!!!


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