What's your Favorite Family Picture, I mean Christmas Card?

December 5, 2013

Since family pictures now arrive on a daily basis in the form on Christmas cards, I’m DSC 0101bnwinterrupting my India posts to talk about my favorite photographer!

DSC 0023DSC 0066

Sometimes you come across people who are so incredibly talented that you wonder how in the world they are not making millions of dollars following that talent?!  

 DSC 2326DSC 3183

I know a person like that, Lynn.  She is the daughter of another talented photographer but thus far, she is not doing this professionally.  Fortunately for me, we became friends after she photographed my children.  She gave me invaluable photographs that will grace my walls forever.  Dramatic...yes it sounds that way.  But let me tell you, what photographer do you know that will show up five days after you have a baby to make sure she gets those shots that are so unique to baby less than a week old?  Yep, she did that!  Reeya 006

In fact, she took the day off from her job to drive well over an hour to my house and showed up unannounced because she knew I would probably not agree to a photo session.  I was still reeling from my c-section, slightly post-partum, taking care of a baby and a toddler and I looked haggard.  I was not one of those ladies who got their hair and nails done before my delivery, I suppose I'm just not that sophisticated!  Well maybe a pedicure, I did have one of those but then who photographs feet...that did me no good!  

Reeya 040Anyway, when Lynn showed up at my front door, I freaked out.  I had not even taken a shower yet that morning and there was nothing picture-worthy about my appearance.  In fact, I was exhausted from nursing the baby all night, bleeding way more than I did the first time around, and just avoiding the world.  But then there she was, camera in hand.  She saw my face and she was so calm and collected.  She shooed me off to take a shower while she took baby Reeya and set her up for pictures.  A mother herself, she has a magical touch with children.  Mine just love her.  

The newborn was asleep most of the time but she took those precious pictures, which she said would be impossible even a week later.  She made an effort to capture moments that I would never have been able to and she was so gracious and generous in the way she did it.  SO...I am constantly trying to think of ways to thank her. Coffee is her favorite and she loves books...but as my oldest is five, I’ve exhausted most options.family1 5x71

When her beautiful family bought a house recently, I thought a Home Depot gift card would hardly suffice.  In addition, I made personalized cookies to commemorate the home purchase.  They are an amazing family and with all the sweetness Lynn has bought into my life, I wanted to send some back!maylehome


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