Soccer Mom Wannabe!

October 26, 2015

Soccer is our first team sport.   Prior to this we've attempted golf lessons, Tae Kwon Do and swimming and so far we’ve only been successful with Tae Kwon Do.  And by successful, I mean my son absolutely loves it.  But, when I got an email from a friend letting me know her son was coaching soccer, I was thrilled to enroll Rohan.  I was just as happy to discover that Asha's good friend's father was coaching her age group, so I enrolled her as well.  I was surprised at how little I knew about a sport that is so popular worldwide, and a sport I've grown up around...but as I wandered through the aisles at Target and a local sports specialty store looking for a size 3 soccer ball and shin guards which were so varied, that I made three phone calls to determine the best ones to buy.  I stopped at a local sports specialty store where the salesperson sent me to Wal-Mart, she told me to wait at least one season before spending too much on shin guards and cleats.  Smart young lady!  But I purchased the uniform along with the other items and feeling very well equipped with my picnic blanket in hand, traipsed off to the first game with my son.  As we were nearing the field, someone told the boys where to put their waters.  Ugh, I knew I didn't think of everything.  I ran back to the car and got a bottle of water, which was probably warm enough to bathe in, but hey, I had water.  As we approached the field, I was amused by: the portable chairs, tables, benches, umbrellas and coolers that accompanied the more seasoned soccer parents to the game.  I unfolded my picnic blanket and felt somewhat inadequate even though I did have everything I needed.   Fortunately, sitting on blankets beside me were some friendly faces and I settled in, ready for season one of soccer. 

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