Fall is Full of Fun

October 24, 2013

There is so much to say this time that I don’t quite know where start. So let’s go for a bullet format to summarize October in my household!

I’d never been to a pumpkin patch until I had children.  Isn't that crazy? Not growing up in this country and only moving here in high school probably had a lot to do with it.  How things have changed!  I've been to three already and the season is not yet over. After the sticker shock from the last couple of years, I jumped when I saw a one-day special for Belvedere farms, $61 for a family of four...what a deal!  Of course we've only been once but once is all we needed to feel like it was worth buying.  In addition, both of my children visited pumpkin patches with their respective classes.  My husband fredparentfallaccompanied my son to Cows 'N' (that just irritates me, you know, the 'N' Corn, how hard is it to add two letters and just spell it correctly? I don't even like writing it that way!) and I took my daughter to Clark's Farm.

RISHI AND KINDERGARTEN: I've been volunteering in my son's class every week to get a sense of his progress.   On my first day of volunteering, there was a tornado warning so the kids had to assume positions in the hallway.  It was brutal watching them in a face down fetal position for 25 minutes.  If you get on the ground in that position, you'll see what I mean.  I took the picture to show my tornadowarning copyhusband but since you cannot see any of the kids, I'll share it with you too. The tornado messed up the schedule for the entire day so lunch was rushed and it was my first time eating in the cafeteria with my son.  They ended up with only 15 minutes, forcing themselves to eat fast.

I kissed him good-bye and left the cafeteria only to get a call ten minutes later saying he threw up at school.  Eating a grilled cheese in five minutes will do that to you.  I went back to pick him and thought maybe volunteering is not such a great idea.  Fortunately, I've been again since that crazy day and it's been better. 
IMG 3542

The day is still long for Rishi. Really long, (bus leaves at 8:15 and returns at 4:30) so we usually pick him from school but he likes to ride the bus in the morning even though it means he gets there 30 minutes before school begins. The results are mixed at best but overall he is doing much better than before (http://bit.ly/184ah4r).  He has mentioned a best friend, usually a different one every couple of weeks.  Unfortunately those best friends have no idea that they hold that standing in Rishi's esteem (I realized that when I started spending time in the classroom and at lunch). Hence he moves on to the next best friend...they exist but they are imaginary if you know what I mean?  

BACK ON THE HOMEFRONT: My kids love fall and they have been busy painting pumpkins, helping me bake cookies and cakes, playing outside and riding bikes.  We visit a neighbor to toast s'mores on his fire pit and harvest vegetables from our garden.  They are planning their Halloween costume: she wants to be a bumblebee, he an entomologist (they study bugs in case you didn't know ;) Fall is in the air and we are enjoying every minute of it…I hope you are too!



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