Chaos or Celebration? You decide!

August 13, 2013


Mid-morning fire crackers, a drummer atop a vehicle in a major downtown city, the same vehicle blasting music as it moves forward with cameras galore snapping from the front and rear of the moving SUV, a horse dressed in regal attire bearing a princely young man, tons of people dancing on the street, and a helicopter camera hovering above the chaos…or celebration. What is this event you ask? An Indian wedding! If you have never been to one, it is something to behold.


My small part in this magnificent event was to make the cake. It was a task I was so excited about, my very first wedding cake. Of course I can do it, I told the bride…not a problem in the least. Well, that was before I was given the specifics. The bride wanted to match the color to her outfit, she called it coral but it was not orange, not red and not pink. That was the first stressor. When I mulled over it and sat down to mix the color, it came together very quickly, I was so thankful. I posted on cake blogs asking for advice. Most cake decorators advised me “DON’T DO IT!” This is not the type of cake that you work on for a wedding, especially not your first one. That scared me a little but not enough to stop.

I spent lots of time working on the cake details. It involved so many firsts…the use of scrolls and molds, the structure I built at Home Depot, the fact that upon assembling the cake, the day before the wedding I realized that it would not fit in my car. Oh yes, this one was one I will not soon forget. My beloved husband and brother drove through traffic to trade cars so that I could use my brother’s minivan. By the way, have I mentioned that I have fought the idea of a minivan at every step, only to realize its many merits? Not enough to buy one YET but I definitely appreciate its functionality.


ANYWAY, I worked hours and hours on this cake. My children had their own fondant balls, mats and rolling pins so that we could work together. They molded animals while I worked on scrolls. It was an undertaking that required many early mornings and late nights. But last night the wedding took place and it all came to fruition.   It was a lot of fun watching people crowding around the cake and taking pictures, but more that they enjoyed eating it. I made flavors that appealed to the Indian wedding crowd…Cardamom, Coconut and of course Chocolate, the universal palate pleaser! It was a wedding to remember, dancing in the streets of Philadelphia where they even set off fireworks, a magazine about the couple (when did they start doing THAT at weddings?), amazing food, plenty of alcohol and floor thumping music, oh… and a really cool wedding cake!wedding9

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Chaos or Celebration? You decide!
Chaos or Celebration? You decide!

Mid-morning fire crackers, a drummer atop a vehicle in a major downtown city, the...

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