An Apple (Cake Pop) for the Teacher, a Xanax for the Mommy of a First-time Kindergartener

September 1, 2013


I'm freaking out, I'll admit it.  I wasn't expecting to feel this way but school is three days away and I feel anxious, wistful, nostalgic, sad...I could go on but you get the picture.  My oldest, my five-year old is starting kindergarten on Tuesday and I'm really freaking out. We're ready, forms are filled out, supplies purchased and labeled, his wardrobe is updated...well I threw out the torn and stained clothes if that counts, yes...all the preparation is complete except his haircut which he'll get tomorrow.  

We went to orientation yesterday and since I never went to elementary school in this country, much of what I saw was new to me. I had no idea they eat in a cafeteria where you can purchase lunch, at five years old, really?!  Their school day starts at 9 and goes until 3:40, the bus arrives at 8:18 and drops him off at 4:09, sooooo long for a five-year old. And then there is the fact that so many children are held back and start kindergarten at six, so I'm worried that my son is not going to have the maturity of some of the others. I hope they consider that when placing them in classes...Tuesday is right around the corner and I'm SERIOUSLY freaking out!applepop

How does he feel? He wasn’t excited until orientation and then, whoa! I was amazed at how independent he was, running to see old friends from the neighborhood who will now be his classmates and asking teachers all kinds of questions. He was thrilled to discover he can check anything he wants out of the library…without a card. That’s my son, the bookworm! They separated the children when the parents met with the teacher, he walked off as cool as could be and he came back exuberant about school and the possibilities it contains.  

He is SO excited to ride the school bus. We agreed to a box lunch four days a week and he gets to buy his lunch on Fridays. He is over the moon about his backpack, which features dinosaurs and reptiles. I let him pick it out and then put whatever he wanted on it. He walks around the house wearing the empty backpack and a big smile, it's adorable. I’m putting on a very happy face for my son, I know it’s important that I do that but inside (did I mention) I’m freaking out?!


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