A lifelong baker minus four years

May 8, 2013

As someone who has always enjoyed baking...cakes in particular, I just KNEW I would make the most amazing cakes when I eventually had children to bake for.

Finally, the seemingly never-ending search for a husband ended-surprisingly well I might add-especially considering that he had to fit a number of boxes: background, religion and so on. I planned to be the perfect wife and, eventually, the ideal mother.

You may think it sounds ridiculous but my reality was quite lovely and my envisioned future with a growing family even more so. A couple of years into wedded bliss and I was ready for kids. Then another year went by...and then another...and another...and finally I had to see a doctor to find if there was a problem.

After some testing, we discovered that my thyroid was the issue. Five years after getting married, I was finally pregnant and I gave birth to my son the following spring. Just 13 months later, I was unexpectedly pregnant with my daughter. "What a gift!" I thought, "Now I can be the mom I always dreamed I would be...RIGHT?"

Well, the parenting thing was overwhelming to say the least. After baking cakes for every occasion for most of my life, I ordered both of my kids' first birthday cakes from local bakeries; in fact I did the same for their second birthdays. I wanted to make the cakes. I had dog-eared pictures of birthday cakes that I had dreamed of making for my unborn children and now that the children were a reality, the best I could do was to cart myself to every grocery store and bakery to compare cakes. I know I could have made them but to do that and take care of them and manage the day-to-day craziness at home with two little ones...no way, not possible.

Next post, how I finally turned things around and managed to fit baking into my not-so-perfect (but still pretty darn good) life. Stay tuned!

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A lifelong baker minus four years

As someone who has always enjoyed baking...cakes in particular, I just KNEW I would...

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