Snowy Day Fun - Take Two

March 3, 2014

With more snow this week, you may be in need of some additional activities to do with the kiddos.  Here are some more fun math and science activities to do during the snow day:

  1. Instead of Snow Angels Make Snow AnglesDSC_0227.JPG

    Have one person lay in the snow and wave their arms like they are making a snow angel.  Then another person needs to help to lift them up without smearing the angel.  Then outline the angle made by the person’s arm, with natural items like sticks or rocks to make it more clear.   Practice making different angles. Discuss the difference between acute, obtuse and right angles using the visuals.

  2. Snow Maze

    Build visual and spacial skills by navigating a homemade maze.  Make a maze by drawing lines in the snow.  Include dead-ends and wrong turns, just like in a maze on paper.  Have kids walk the maze to try to reach the end without making a wrong turn.  Then have older kids make their own maze for parents or siblings to walk through.

    Here’s an example:

  3. Snowflake Investigation

    Put some sheets of black construction paper in the freezer until they are very cold.  Bring them outside while it is snowing.  Catch some flakes on the paper and observe their unique shapes and characteristics using a magnifying glass.
  4. Snow Tracks

    Go outside and take pictures of different animal tracks in the snow.  Discuss or pull up pictures on the computer of different types of animals that may live outdoors in your area.  Have you child try to match the animals to the pictures of the tracks you took outside then provide a reason why they matched the animal to those particular tracks.
  5. Make an Indoor Snowman

    Make an indoor snowman, in a dish, that foams and disappears when you add a magic solution.  Directions and a picture can be found here:

Happy Snow Day!

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