Don't let the tests leave you SOL?

May 15, 2014

We get a lot of questions and concerns around this time about year about the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests that most students are required to take at the end of the school year or the end of a particular course.    Looking for some download.jpgways to get a little extra last minute preparation in before your exam in the next few weeks?  Here are some tips:

1.        Take a practice test.

There are many practice tests for each subject area on the Virginia Department of Education website.  Here are the most recently released tests: and here are some older tests:  As you can see, there is plenty of practice to do!


2.        Check the test .

Using the provided answer key, score the test and determine the score using the provided conversion chart.  Go through each item, looking at the correct answer, and see if you or your student can determine why they missed that question.


3.        Have your student take a list of the questions that they missed and don’t understand to their teacher.

Most teachers are reviewing for SOL tests this time of the year anyway and would like to see that students are doing extra practice.  A lot of schools have a study hall or flex time where students can request extra help from their teachers.   Some schools have time built into the school day, before or after school for students to get help preparing for SOL tests.


4.       Put each missed question and answer on an index card.

Punch a hole in the cards, put them on a ring and attach them to your student’s book bag or binder.  Have them study the cards until they know the information.


5.       Find more questions like the ones you missed and practice them.

-Nina Parrish, M.Ed.

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