Does Your Child Struggle with Learning or Attention?

December 11, 2014

According to the 2014 State of Learning Disabilities Report,, one in five people in the United States, ages 3-20 have difficulty with reading, math, writing, focus and/or attention. Is your child one of the twenty percent who struggles in school due to a learning issue? If so, it is likely that you may feel overwhelmed when trying to seek out necessary information regarding your student’s learning needs. As a special education teacher, I met many parents who felt lost in the IEP and 504 process required by the school system and simply inundated with paperwork and information. 
struggling_learning_overwhelmed.jpgIf this description resonates with you, you may be interested in a new site called, which was introduced in late October of 2104 by fifteen groups specializing in children’s learning and attention issues, in conjunction with the Advertising Council. The website is very user-friendly with several unique features:
  1. The site allows you to fill out a profile which will then personalize your experience and the information that you are offered based on the area/s where your child struggles with learning.
  2. The site has a simulation tool where you can experience what it may be like to have a variety of learning or attention issues. This is paired with personal stories from students who experience these issues.
  3. There is a Tech Finder tool that allows you to locate assistive technology based on your student’s learning issue, grade level, and they type of technology you are looking for.
  4. Online parent support groups, moderated by educators, are offered.
  5. Easy to read articles, written by experts, are offered on a variety of learning issues as well as topics of interest such as special services and navigating the IEP process.
-Nina Parrish, M.Ed.
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