Best Educational Toys Under $50 Part II

December 19, 2015

Here is a follow up to my last post and five more educational toys for you to pick up during your last minute shopping.


The Learning Journey Match It!  Spelling


Recommended for ages 4+

This game teaches basic spelling and vocabulary.  It comes with picture tiles that have colorful illustrations.  Each tile has a letter on it, and when the child puts together the picture, they also form the word.  Versions of this game are available for various other activities such as: ABCs, math, rhyme, opposites, and upper and lowercase letters.


Brain Quest Smart Game


Recommended for ages 6-12

This game gives players a chance to answer questions at their own grade level in science, reading math, art, and the world.  In this fun and challenging game, kids race to get the correct answers to questions.  Since the questions are sorted by grade level, different ages of kids can play together without older kids having an advantage.

Snap Circuits Jr.


Recommended for ages 8-12

With this toy, children learn to make working electronic circuits.  Children can build models of a photo sensor, flashing light, voice-controlled lamp, flying saucer and an adjustable-volume siren.  The kit includes more than 100 projects that can be made from 30 snap together parts.

The Scrambled States of America Game


Recommended for ages 8+

An exciting card game that helps kids enrich basic knowledge of U.S. geography.  Players learn about state capitals, shape and location of each state, and state trivia.

Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Clock


Recommended for ages 3+

Kids can use the toy to match the colors, sort the shapes, solve the puzzle, and learn to tell time.  The box includes extension activities to guide the parent in helping their child begin to master early-learning and preschool concepts.


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