Best Educational Toys Under $50 Part 1

December 7, 2015

If you are a parent, December is all about shopping for the perfect holiday gifts for your little ones.  As an educator, I like to think about how I can sneak a little learning in whenever possible.  So, in the spirit of the season, here are the first five fun and educational gifts that your kids will love, all under $50.  Next five, coming soon!


Big Bag of Science


Recommended for Ages 7-12

My daughter loves science.  Before she started school this year, she would spend hours conducting science experiments with household items inspired by episodes of Sid the Science Kid or her own curiosity.  So, if you have your own budding scientist at home this kit could be a great gift.  The kit covers Physical, Earth, and Life science with over 70 hands-on activities including: setting up your own science lab, growing fake snow, and making water disappear.

Automobile Engineer Pack


Recommended for Ages 4-8

Got a kid who loves cars or building things?  This kit comes with a story that takes kids through a journey where they build ten vehicles, as they go to solve problems and complete tasks.  Models built include a minivan, crane truck, forklift, and motorcycle.

IlluStory Make Your Own Book Kit


Recommended for Ages 5-10

Is your child a great story-teller?  If your child is practicing their newfound writing skills, like mine is, this is a great gift!  You get where your child can write and illustrate up to a 20 page story that is then turned into a professionally typeset, hardcover book!

Melissa and Doug K’s Kids Fish and Count Learning Game


Recommended for ages 1-3

Kids fish for multi-colored sea creatures that they can match, sort, and sequence.  This toy helps to develop sensory, fine and gross motor skills, logic, number sense and reconition, and sequencing skills.  

Mighty Mind


Recommended for Ages 3-8

If your child is interested in puzzles, this one is for you!  MightyMind is a set of 32 tile shapes that children use to solve tangram-like puzzles.  There are 30 puzzle cards that get harder as you progress through them helping to build logic and spatial skills.


-Nina Parrish, M.Ed.

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