My Sticky Floor Solution

August 30, 2012

I found the solution to sticky's a bit unusual but highly effective.

Solution: 1 4-year old

1 hose spraying water

1 open door

Today I watched helplessly as my 4 year old, armed with the backyard hose, sprayed water through the open door into my kitchen...instantly copious amounts of water landed on my beautifully sticky hardwood floors. She was delighted. My 6-year old was shocked. And I couldn't stop laughing.

Yup. That's my life.

Oh, that I could laugh at all those silly little and big situations. Unfortunately I tend not to laugh, I tend to sigh and moan and groan and sometimes raise my voice.

I can think of another time that I was wise enough to NOT take things too seriously. A few months ago my 6-year old was proudly bringing me a cake she had made at a friend's house. As she walked up the front steps she wobbled a bit on the second step and the cake landed upside down on the pavement. It was dramatic. She was devastated. I couldn't think what to do. All I knew was this absolutely was not the time to say one negative thing. Why in the world would I fuss about that!?! Thankfully a solution presented itself. We sat down on the front steps and ate "sidewalk cake" with our fingers. It is one of my sweetest memories now.

I need to blow up the picture of us eating sidewalk cake and maybe I should have taken a picture of my 4-year old spraying water into the house – alas, I didn't and although it was funny the first time I do not want to encourage the behavior in order to get a good picture! I think a reminder would be good. A reminder that refraining from my natural inclination to be annoyed by mistakes gives me a great opportunity to instead look at them as times when I can encourage my children to find the bright side, to not find fault where there is none to find, and to find joy even in the messes. What a valuable lesson for them and for me!

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