Dogs and Cats and Birds...Oh My!!!

June 6, 2013

As if my house weren't crazy the past year we've had one stray cat, two stray dogs and two birds in our house...uninvited. Well maybe I should say uninvited by ME! Some of the little visitors were ushered in by my youngest children.

Yesterday, a bird flew in as we were unloading my Walmart purchases. My laughing response, "Well, of course! Why not!?"

We have a two story foyer with a large window looking out to the front yard. The little bird flew up and sat on the highest ledge he could find. And then proceeded to bang into the window over and over and over again for hours and hours while we tried to coerce him down.

We tried calling, tweeting, begging, pleading, and singing. We tried climbing our very wobbly ladder but still couldn't reach him. We tossed up nuts in the hopes of luring him down. My youngest son began to hatch a plan that involved digging up worms. We threw soft things up to try and get him to move away from the window and out the door. Unfortunately our "brilliant" ideas only resulted in a pair of pants, a pair of underwear and a shirt all being stuck up on the ledge with the bird. (At least he had an outfit if he needed to go out!)

So for quite a while he was our guest...he listened as some ladies and I did our Bible study, he watched my children and all the visiting children go in and out at least 3700 times, he took breaks from his head-banging to admire the messy foyer laden with shoes, books, pool bags, coats and various papers which had spilled out of backpacks. He spent the morning hanging out with us!

I find it interesting that truly (and I do mean this honestly) my family did not seem too terribly shocked by this turn of events. See there seems to always be SOMETHING happening at our house that makes other homes seem bland and boring by comparison. It's even prompted me to post a little plaque by the front door which reads, " far as everyone knows we are a nice normal family." Although I'm pretty sure we don't have many people fooled! At least not for long...

Even the ladies at the Bible study weren't surprised. They all just took their place at the kitchen table and went on as if all was normal. Well, I guess for my was normal 

And I have to say...I LOVE IT!

I love my family and I love that nutty things are always happening. Maybe God does it on purpose to give me fodder for all these blogs, or maybe just to keep me from ever getting bored. Ever.

It's these silly things that happen that remind me how much God loves me. I know it doesn't make much sense really because why would stray animals running into my home sounds like a good thing? Well, actually along with the chaos that ensues – the screaming, running, and chasing there's a lot of laughing, fun shrieking, and giggling. It's a blessed bonding time with my kids and the stories we will have to share are wonderful. That is love to me. Moments and memories with my kids.

And I do have good took some crazy stuff but the kids finally got the bird off the middle boy climbed onto the front porch rooftop with some help from the neighborhood kids, put a blanket over the window, and the little birdy flew straight away...straight away into my oldest daughter's bedroom! (She was not thrilled.) It took a little bit of work but he finally flew out the window followed by much cheering and high-fiving!

What a fun day...weird...crazy...but fun. And that's my life and I wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you Lord!!!

bird on a branch-b

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