A Season of Spending

December 6, 2013

broken piggy bankSingle parenting and spending. Maybe that should be the name of my blog. I can’t seem to get away from the money issues lately. I have a lot of them.

I’m doing the couponing thing. I really am.

The other day I worked for about an hour with coupons, store flyers, online sites, and my list. I figured out that Target was the best place to shop with all my coupons and such. I put a ridiculous amount of items in my cart…much to the embarrassment of my teenagers. Boy did I get some deals though! And at checkout I saved about $300 in coupons. Now that seems impressive (at least I think so) until you realize how much I still spent. Yeah…I think I have more work to do!

Definitely don’t have the complete couponing concept down yet.

And it’s pretty much imperative that something happens to change the money-flowing-out-faster-than-in scenario I’m living right now.

Each year it seems that I go through a season of spending…and I don’t mean shopping sprees. I mean spending on house repairs, car repairs, medical expenses, school supplies, clothing, shoes and coats for my children, groceries, and a host of other unexpected things.

I personally would prefer the Talbots shopping spree option.

I’ve been joking about getting a t-shirt that simply says, “Bring It.” I’m totally kidding though. I don’t think I can handle one more blasted thing in my life. But Golly – that is my attitude lately.   It’s kinda more a response to being overwhelmed and at the same time realizing this is my life now and I just gotta live it.

I could fill up pages and pages of the big and little things I need to do, the thousands of things I need to figure out, and the hundreds of dollars that seem to be flying out of my bank account!

It’s almost laughable…almost.

But as I hit another season of spending, I’m reminded again that God always provides for me. He always takes care of me and mine.

A year back I needed to replace the sump pump, the garbage disposal, the washing machine, and all four tires on the Suburban. That is an impressive list in the worst sort of way.

And on top of that I had a health scare when a doctor told me she thought I had a serious auto-immune disease. She said my life was too stressful and I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Apparently it’s not good for you to live in “flight or fight” mode continually…imagine that.

Additionally there were (and still are) all the issues of single parenting…just living this crazy life.

BUT within one week I went from looking at thousands of dollars of expenses to hundreds. God provided!

I had friends give me a washing machine – it’s the same ancient age as my dryer but they match and I love it! The same friends offered me 4 suburban tires they had in their garage. Seriously, who has 4 Suburban tires just sitting around!? Another friend fixed my garbage disposal in like 5 seconds. The sump pump…well, I have a new one and that’s pretty awesome. Plus I learned how to install it! And then the best thing of all, a different doctor told me I had nothing to worry about! Woo hoo!!!

Now flash forward to now…here I am AGAIN…needing lots of work done on lots of things, dealing with lots of expenses for medical stuff, dental stuff, and educational stuff, and having lots of issues and concerns to fret over.

Not to mention Christmas shopping! Talk about a season of spending! I’m trying desperately to be wise but I do love to give gifts! Especially to my children. It‘s a struggle to spend prudently, but I’m working on it!

I can get to worrying about money fairly easily. Thankfully this time, almost as soon as I started fretting…okay maybe I should say freaking out… I remembered all the ways God has taken care of us in the past. And a relaxed a bit.

I guess I can have a “bring it” kinda attitude because I know that God’s got my back. I know that no matter what happens today, tomorrow or 10 years down the road, God will take care of me in the best way and at just the right time. It doesn’t matter if it’s finances, health, parenting or any other issues under the sun…it doesn’t matter what it is, God’s got it. So “bring it” because as soon as I get it, I’m giving it to Him.

Maybe I will make a t-shirt. It’ll say. Bring It…God’s Got Me Covered.” Not too catchy…but it’ll do.

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