Wake me up when September ends... I love autumn!

October 1, 2013

Ahhhh it’s October & autumn is my favorite time of the year! Not too hot, not too cold... just right (for me ;-).  Don't get me wrong, summer is alright (and we just had mild one) but as you're melting outside you can only take off so much in attempt to cool down before you run the risk of getting arrested ;-)  And of course the fall brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL if you're cool), 

pumpkin spice latte

tons of great harvest time foods (I'm hungry just thinking about it), 

pumpkin pie

Oktoberfest & Halloween

octoberfest us3rich and vicki

… Probably my favorite holidays because I can dress up without people looking at me (too) strangely!

Another thing fall has going for it is that many of my fondest childhood memories are from this time of year...  apple & pumpkin picking, hay rides, bonfires, walks through the woods & climbing trees decked in color, and making huge leaf piles & jumping in them.  My parents encouraged this last one because, after all, I was raking the yard! ...  This of course was long before the age of computer & console gaming & hundreds of TV channels...

leaf page


For years my son and I would rake leaves into huge piles for him & his sister to jump into. Great times, lots of laughs followed by hot cider or cocoa on the cooler days. But about two years ago he got bored after making a moderate pile and jumping in once.  Last year I had to make raking a chore & he went back inside to play Minecraft as soon as we were done.  Julia didn't seem to mind the lack of company. In fact it might have done her some good, because after wallowing in leaves for a bit she picked up a rake without being asked and started reforming the pile. Very surprising and it helped me get over my curmudgeon son!

We also traditionally go to Belvedere Plantation and enjoy all their activities. As I've mentioned in an earlier post, last year was rather difficult with my autistic daughter Julia going through puberty changes at 10 years of age. We couldn't explain what was going on, couldn't console her, nor reduce her discomfort adequately ... and as our luck would have it she had an epic few days of meltdowns on the weekend we planned to go and it rained the next time. Oh well! Reminded us once again not to make plans, ha! ... My son, being the preteen grump that he was, looked relieved... at least someone was happy.  Well he was until I picked up some pumpkins to carve.  He grudgingly hacked away at his while I helped Julia with hers and ran off as soon as he was dismissed while my daughter and I cleaned up the pumpkin seeds for roasting.  Gotta love preteens/teens eh?   We're going to try to go again this year… wish me luck! I'll post pics later this month if we go ;-)


belvedere entrance

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