Tis the Season!

December 16, 2013

Yay! It's that time of year again! Flippin' cold outside... rain, sleet, snow, late starts to school because of icy roads... love it! Yeah, right! Last week's weather event left me in a bit of a bind... my daughter Julia didn't understand why there was no school and insisted on going... after she yanked on the door for a bit and yelled at me she "graciously" accepted the fact that I wasn't lying to her and we headed to Smith Lake Park where I spent hours over the two days she was home. Awesome.

The holiday season also sees the reemergence of her obsession with Christmas decorations... for three years we had a decorated tree up in my house because she cried when I took it down, but that came to an end over the summer when (for some unknown reason) Julia removed the ornaments and lights from the tree. I took that as a sign, took it down, and put it in storage. I'm afraid to put it back up and have explained to my son why we aren't having one this year ... he nodded and laughed. But back to her obsession, she loves the lights on houses and requests to go for car rides in the evening to view them. When she sees some that she really loves she giggles and tells me to "sta" (her version of stop) and we sit there in the car while she basks in the holiday cheer. She has also latched onto and loves the silliness that I'm doing as my online personality CaptainRB. I've been driving around with a Santa piñata dressed as a pirate riding shotgun. She loves when someone wants a picture with him and laughs when folks honk and wave. If ye see us riding around feel free to flag us down for a photo!

(if ye want to know how this all started click this link: CaptainRB on G+ )


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