Stick a fork in me. I'm done.

March 5, 2014

I can't say that I truly think it's the groundhog's fault for this extended annoying winter but I want to vent my frustrations on someone or something! A friend joked about riding up to Pennsylvania to take care of the oversized rodent and my immediate response was "I call shotgun!" ...  

Though of course even if she was serious I couldn't go no matter how much I'd want to.  I don't get out much because of my daughter and a road trip (or any trip) is not a possibility.   It's the reason why I'm so thoroughly plugged into social media and my phone.  If it wasn't for these mobile wonders I probably would have lost it years ago, but thankfully they provide an outlet to and connection with the world.  And I know many other people that feel the same way.    

But back to complaining... Stick a fork in me I'm done. Done with winter ice and snow. Done with canceled and delayed school. Bring on spring! I'm ready for green leaves, colorful flowers,  and allergies! ... well, not so much the last one ha! Who's with me???


On a different note it was about a year ago that I decided to try my hand at writing apps, taught myself to code (what we older folks used to call "programming" ;-), launched a business, and setup Amazon and iTunes Appstore storefronts.  Unfortunately sales have been quite low so while watching my daughter and walking in the snow at the park this past month I taught myself how to set up advertising banners in apps and how to connect my games to leaderboards to add competitive excitement (once again cell phones are great). 

Last week when the kids were in school  I used what I learned, changed my iTunes Appstore games from costing a buck to free, and put my games on Google Play.  These past few days while hanging out with Julia in the snow I've been learning about Facebook and Twitter integration so that players can brag about their scores... looking forward to the kids going back to school so that I can sit down and add these features...

Below are a few screen shots and links to check them out. Logging into the Appstore GameCenter or Google Play for the leaderboards is optional but adds to the fun in my opinion. The ad banners come directly from Apple and Google so there are no third party worries/unknowns.  Have fun!


 Perhaps my favorite game is HUNGRRR.  You're a shark and you tilt your device to swim, eat fish and people, and dodge hazards.
hungrrr 4


Kraken Smackin' is for those folks that like to frantically tap on things... beware though, if you hit the Kraken's mouth it's game over!
10 inch tablet kraken smackin 1


Pirate Polo tests your hand-eye coordination... several levels of difficulty to entertain and frustrate you ;-)
10 inch tablet pirate polo 5


Check out other screenshots and the app descriptions found by clicking on the Appstore and Google Play links above.



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