Some People Dance in the Rain, Others Just Get Wet

October 14, 2013

Whoa! What a wet week! At times I thought it would never end and I should build an arc. But luckily after 5 straight days of rain and overcast it stopped and I just saw the sun... ahhhh! Welcome back! My weekend went a bit better than the last one, but I feel like a fish... well maybe a duck *shrug* Let's just say I spent a lot of time in the rain ;-) My daughter Julia loves it and we spent hours outside at the park. Her obsessive compulsive issues required me to sit on one particular bench with my raincoat hood pulled on and wearing sunglasses despite the gloom ... luckily she allowed me to push the water off first and take some paper towels to where she planted me. Once I was in my spot she then danced around,  jumped in puddles, and spun in circles with her face up feeling the rain fall on her. She refused to leave her own hood on and her hair eventually became soaked.

rich park 

(lull in the rain)

And we weren't alone. Football and soccer don't get called off for rain at Smith Lake Park and we enjoyed several games. I say we because for once Julia seemed to be paying attention to the action and often walked along the fence line smiling and making her happy sounds. A few kids her age futilely tried to strike up conversations and I felt the need to occasionally tell those kids that she wasn't being rude... she just can't talk. The typical conversation about how everyone is different and some people have disabilities would ensue with a few, but more often then not they just walked off and probably asked their parents later.

julia park 1julia park 2

I think that most adults, after they got over seeing her strange behavior, saw how much fun she was having. At times like these my "impaired" daughter reminds us all to enjoy the simple things in life. To be the moment and let the rain wash away everything else...

raindrops 2 

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,

it's about learning to dance in the rain...


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