Oh the weather outside is frightful....

February 13, 2014

Within moments after eating breakfast my daughter Julia got together her stuff for school. I explained to her there was no school today because of the snow.  She of course couldn't accept that and had a brief meltdown which ended with her using her iPad app to request a park trip.  At this point I helped Julia get dressed for snow play and we ventured outside. She plodded through the foot of snow to the car and started yanking on the door handle. I told her that she had to wait and could play with her sled while I dug us out. She instantly launched into a fit and started hitting my car door. Lovely! Meanwhile I started shoveling. After about 15 minutes of flipping out she wanted to go back inside and watch a movie. Over the course of the next several hours we repeated this outdoor scenario with less freaking out on her part and some sled play while I shoveled... 300+ feet of driveway is a pain in a** … well, painful… I would have enlisted my son’s help but he’s sick.  Every year I think that I should get a snow blower because I’m not getting any younger… maybe next winter ha!


added the snow monster ;-)






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