More Coffee Please...

November 18, 2013

Unlike most people I like Mondays... start of a new week full of possibilities, the kids go to school, and I can get some work done! *cough* Except this Monday. Shortly after dropping both kids off at their different schools I get a call from Julia's asking me to come pick her up because she's rubbing at one of her eyes and it's draining. Lovely. I had just seen this child not 30 minutes before and saw no problems throughout the morning routine of bathing and feeding. *sigh* So I went and picked her up and lo and behold her right eye is a bit pinkish and her eyelid is swollen presumably from rubbing at it. I signed her out and I was reminded that I can't bring her back for 24 hours after it goes away because of the school's safety/health policy. Awesome! That means Wednesday at the earliest. Looking forward to getting nothing done for the next couple of days! But wait there's more. Over the weekend Julia rediscovered her love of a nearby elementary school's playground, and as soon as we got home she used her iPad to ask to go there. Which is unavailable of course because it's a weekday and schools frown upon non-student visitors... so I tried to take her to the park instead and she flipped out. Right now we are in the eye of the storm and she's peacefully watching a video while I type this, but I have no doubt that very soon she will ask/demand to go to the school playground again. It's going to be a fun couple of days! Just finished a 12 cup pot of coffee... time to make more!


I received this t-shirt as a gift one year... I think it's from if you want one too ;-)


Oh, and I made this gif below for my G+ crew...

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