Happy New Year!

December 27, 2013

Ahoy! I'm throwing a virtual New Year's Eve Party and you're all invited! What is this you ask? Well, if ye weren't aboard earlier this year I held virtual events for various holidays... a way for folks that arrr too busy with work and family to "party"...  all ye have to do is submit a pic and your arrr included... see the links at the bottom...

My virtual party via my alter ego +Captain R.B. got noticed and I was interviewed by New York Times' Alyson Krueger ... here is her article.  It's an honor to be noticed for my silly, crazy events... stay tuned for further shenanigans ;-)


Last New Year's Eve Party pics:


new-years-eve-paris-g-blog copy


If ye want to join in this year's party rsvp

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