About Kathy

September 19, 2013

Kathy Vaughan (Sales Representative). Kathy has been a part of the FredParent family since October 2011. Although she grew up in northern Louisiana, Kathy fell in love with Virginia and moved to the Fredericksburg area several years ago. She decided to give ad sales a try when offered the opportunity. She loves her job because it gives her the chance to meet new people AND to talk, something she does a lot of. She has a degree in Elementary Education from Louisiana Tech, is the single mom of Sarah, 12, and Becca, 14, and spends a great deal of time driving them to their many after-school functions in her "Mom Taxi". She is always trying to do fun things with her girls in their spare time, when it does come up. She feels working for FredParent has helped her with that goal.

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