Those 3 Little Words

October 7, 2014

I am sure that you brain automatically defaulted to “I love you.” Yes I love that phrase too.  Or maybe, given the season, you considered “Trick or Treat!”  But I am talking about those three little words that give you anxiety and make you want to hide; that are like nails on a chalkboard; that have you reaching into the depths of your brain for a solution or, as for most of us, pulling out our phones and frantically searching Pinterest. 

“Mom, I’m BORED!”



You heard it…now RUN!  But this time don’t run away from your kids and hide in your closet or run away trying to hide everything valuable because usually boredom equals mischief.  Run to this awesome free printable that I am about to give you the skinny on. 


Through a blogger I follow on Instagram, I found this awesome post from “Modern Parents Messy Kids” on how to negate those scary words.  Read it, print it, frame it, post it in a visible place for you and the kids to see, set up your stations and each time you hear those three words, just point to it!  See, no Mom brain needed!  And if that still doesn’t work then pick up your Parks & Rec catalog and find a class, sport or event to get them involved it.  We have SO many options that there is something for each of your kid’s interests.

Is your child…

  • Happiest outdoors?  Get them out of the classroom and get their hands dirty at one of our Saturday nature programs at Motts Run.  Whether its dip netting at Stream Survey, learning to follow animal tracks at Tricky Tracks or having them learn to build a fire, we will teach them skills to be applied both at school and in life.
  • Excited by learning how things work?  Then Weird Science or Engineering for Kids is right up their alley!  They will get a chance to take what they learn in their classes apply it in a super fun creative way in either of these stimulating classes.
  • Athletic?  Well one of our youth sports, karate or horseback riding would really get them excited!  Basketball, youth tumbling, RAD for Kids, Starfires dance and cheer, or karate will all help your child learn teamwork, discipline, focus, sportsmanship and other invaluable skills that sports helps develop.
  • Artistic?  Then try one of our Drawing & Painting classes at The Creative Side or what about Comic Art class?

Let us help you help your child grow into the best individual they can possibly be by enriching their lives with some of our amazing programming.

But if we can’t do it…Modern Parents, Messy Kids can definitely save you!  While you are there, check out their free 6 week menu looks pretty tasty!

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