Is That Warm Weather I Spy??

April 4, 2014

Hopefully we are done with the “Great Dig” as I have affectionately named winter 2013-14.  It seemed like every time we thought we might be safe, BOOM!  Another snowy blanket arrives which meant schools were closed, the City got a day off (woo-hoo!) and we got to dream about warmer days.  Well they are upon us friends!  Finally!  So let’s start planning on how we are going to enjoy the sunshine once it’s here to stay. 


After the winter hibernation, I am sure your kids are bursting with energy and you are looking for any way to help them burn it and get your sanity back!  That’s where our summer camps come in to save the day!  With over 39 different types of camps and 66 various sessions to choose from, there really is something for every child and every budget.  Signups for City residents began April 1 (zip code must be 22401) and April 8 for non-City residents. 

Our Director of Leisure Services, Wendy Stone, put together this helpful FAQ when it comes to registering your child(ren) for any summer camp with answers are specific to Fredericksburg Parks and Rec.  Just another way we want to help you kick back, ease some stress and help you enjoy dog days of summer.

1.       Should my child bring lunch?

If your camp is a 9am-12pm camp, then your child will not need to bring lunch. If your camp is a 9am – 3pm camp, then yes please provide lunch for your camper. We do not have access to a refrigerator for any of our camps, so please provide lunches that will keep in warmer weather.

2.       What about water?

If your camp is an outdoor camp, then please send a water bottle with your camper – we can refill that bottle throughout the day.

3.       What about snacks?

If your camp is a 9am – 3pm camp and your camper is one that needs to eat throughout the day, then please send a snack in his/her lunchbox.

4.       Is there anything else my child should have for camp?

Some camps will have a supply list, but in general if your camp is an outdoor camp please remember to apply sunscreen, chapstick, and/or a head covering to your camper. Also, please pay attention to appropriate footwear (closed toed shoes or shoes that can get wet).

5.       What is the heat policy?

We do have a heat policy for athletics and copies are available upon request at the Community Center. Basically, we try to structure our camps to minimize heat exposure to our campers and staff.

6.       Do you ever cancel camp?

7.       We have, on occasion, cancelled camp. All cancellations will be made via Fredericksburg Alert. If you have not registered to receive alerts, please visit and sign up for Program Cancellations. An alert will be sent to your email or cellphone as soon as a decision is made.

8.       If camp is cancelled, do you make it up?

Camps typically do not make up cancelled dates because of the tight schedules and facility availability.

9.       What if it storms after camp has started?

A little rain can feel good on a hot summer day, but a severe storm will either move the camp indoors or force camp cancellation. We try not to cancel camp AFTER you have dropped off your camper, so if you have a concern please check with camp staff when you drop your child off.

10.   What will happen if my child gets sick?

If your child gets sick, we will use the emergency contact information you provide to us to contact you. In the interim between calling your emergency contact and the arrival of someone to pick up your child, we will try to make your camper comfortable. In the event of a severe illness, we will seek medical attention for your child.

11.   What if I need someone else to pick my child up – who should I tell?

We expect parents to pick up campers unless otherwise specified. We have a form available for the parents to complete that authorizes others to pick up your camper. If an emergency occurs and you have not completed the form, please contact our office at (540) 372-1086 x0.

12.   What about bee stings or bug bites?

If your child is allergic to bee stings or bug bites, please make sure that you provide us that information. Some of our outdoor camps have a specific question about administration of an antihistamine by camp staff. You may elect to authorize our staff to administer medication or not. If you would prefer that our staff not administer medication, we will contact you if your child is stung/bitten and complains about irritation or illness.

13.   My child is shy – who should I tell?

14.   My child has allergies – who should I tell?

15.   If my child has an ADA-qualifying disability – who should I tell?

16.   My child has ADD or ADHD, but should not need any special accommodation – should I tell someone?

17.   My child has a fear of spiders – should I tell someone?

13 - 17. We ask if your child has any “physical disability, allergies, medication, or facts of which we need to be aware”.  PLEASE use the space on your registration form to let us know anything about your child that you believe would be helpful in providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your camper.  If your child is shy or has a fear of spiders or if your child has a disability for which we need to plan, please let us know.  We hire camp staff based not only on the number of campers registered but also on the type of activities associated with the camp.  If your child will require any extra encouragement in certain situations or when paired with other children, we would like to know so that we can help.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 540-372-1086.  We can’t wait to give you child(ren) a summer full of awesome memories, including making new friends and learning new skills!  Blogger Jennifer Jones will be joining us this week as well so check out her blog post about our Nature Camps!

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