Fredericksburg Christmas Parade

December 2, 2014

santa-sleighIs it just me or did the holidays seem to just crash into the calendar this year? Or does it feel like that EVERY year? I came up for air from being totally immersed in planning the Fredericksburg & Rosner Automotive Group Christmas Parade and my calendar said THANKSGIVING...WHAT?! That flew by in about a second and now it's almost Christmas time!? Whoa!

For me, Christmas has been on the agenda since August when Parks & Recreation was assigned the Christmas Parade. It's been quite the undertaking and we have had absolutely amazing support from our sponsors, Rosner Automotive Group and B101.5, along with some wonderful individuals from the Jaycees, our City departments, and the participants as a whole.

We are all excited about the parade falling under the leadership of our department now and just hope that we can fulfill the huge shoes the Jaycees left behind. We also hope that you will snag your seat downtown on Saturday, December 6 at 5:30pm. In the meantime, check out our media sponsor, B101.5, and enter the cool VIP contest they have going on. It will get a family of four primo seating on the City Hall steps to be right in front of the action! Plus there is a little get together before and some cool takeaways gifts too!

Once I had some of the parade planning under control, I took my jolliness to the next level and decided I would battle the Santa Train chaos. I had heard horror stories about standing in line and how if you aren't right in front of your computer, you don't have a prayer of getting tickets before they sell out (in about six minutes.) I felt like I was back in high school camping out for Backstreet Boys tickets! But I hunkered down in front of my computer and started hitting refresh at 8:58am my time. Once it opened, BAM 3 tickets in my cart! I felt like I won a championship game! I even did a fist pump and I might have yelled, "YES!" Great way to start a Monday morning if you ask me!

All in all, we are FILLED the spirit of Christmas around here! Fill YOUR soul with a good heaping dose of holiday cheer and let's spread it all around... starting at the Christmas Parade, of course!

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