Don't Be THAT Person

January 6, 2015

According to Forbes Magazine, only 8% of people actually fulfill their New Year’s Resolutions.  Sometimes the resolution is too lofty, too undefined, there isn’t enough support; there can be a myriad of reasons, not to mention excuses!


But Fredericksburg Parks & Rec doesn’t want you to be THAT person who has the greatest intentions of achieving those resolutions but then life get in the way and they just fall to the wayside.  We want to help you be in that 8% by giving you the support you need, the classes you need - everything!  For more details on the programs mentioned and more, visit our Winter 2015 online catalog!


Get the Whole Family Healthier?

  • Sign the kids up for one of our many spring sports programs such as Soccer, Baseball, or Field Hockey.  If they are interested in something new, then maybe our Girls Volleyball Clinic, Youth Running Club, Youth Track & Field, Softball or Tennis might be the ticket.
  • For the adults we have a TON to keep you fit, healthy and moving in 2015!  Belly Dancing, Yoga, Tennis, Pickbleball, Tai-Chi, Flag Football and Group Fitness!


Learn A New Skill?

  • Don’t forget to take time out for yourself this year.  You cannot be the best for your family if you don’t make yourself a priority.  Challenge yourself to try a new skill like Photography, CPR/First Aid, Painting, Woodcarving, Knitting or Basket Weaving.


Travel More?

  • Jump on one of our many bus trips this winter!  Back by popular demand we have the New York City trip (Reg. deadline is Mar 3)! Also, the Woodlawn & Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House, Baltimore Aquarium!


Do More As A Family?

  • Bond with your little one at Zumbini.  This program allows you and your child aged 0-3 years to wiggle, sing, and learn where the science of early childhood development and magic of Zumba meet!   There is a FREE demo THIS WEDNESDAY, January 7th at 9:45am at the Dorothy Hart Community Center.
  • Take Horseback Riding!  Our program is designed for 6yrs – Adult with all riding abilities.  Located at White Horse Buffalo Farms there are weekend and evening classes available; different options to fit your busy schedule.
  • Get outdoors and get rid of cabin fever!   Below is just a sample of the family-friendly nature activities we offer
    • Winter Tree Trek at Motts Run Reservoir on January  11.  This program is for the perfect activity for the older kids 8yrs – adult who need a little fresh air.  At just $6 a person, It’s totally affordable too!
    • Awesome Orienteering teaches you to learn how to use a compass and a map then test your skills around Motts Run Reservoir.  9yrs – Adult, $6 per person.  March 18.
    • Celebrate Earth Day at Old Mill Park for free!


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