Be Brave

August 6, 2014

 Summer is always filled with lots of fun; making memories and s’mores but for us it is bittersweet.  My fiancé and I are a proud USMC family and typically during the summer months we have a lot of friends that “PCS,” which stands for “Permanent Change of Station.” So we spend parts of our summer hugging friends goodbye, wishing them well at their next duty station and promising to stay in touch. 

We ourselves are experiencing the same feeling right now.  We were all set for another three years in this area until in June we found out with his recent promotion, came a change of orders, to Ft. “Lost in the Woods” also known as Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, and he had two months to report to duty for a three year tour. 

In this very transient area, I know similar situations run deep amongst our local military families and in our very own Fred Parent community.  Always having to have boxes on hand for the just in case, getting settled just to get unsettled, being resilient and making sure that you are always mission ready.

military_kids.gifBeing a military family means you definitely raise strong kids.  They will experience things that most civilian kids never will.  We raise kids that adapt well to new environments, typically that are a little extroverted, and are totally resilient. 

My two young stepchildren-to-be, who are 3yrs old and 5yrs old, will make their first big transition this year and I have already begun the search for programs and activities for them to join.  As much as humanly possible, I want to help ease the transition.  I plan meet other local military moms to set up some playdates so we all make friends, adults and kids alike, and get them involved in after-school activities right away to help them start building friendships.  That search will begin at the local Parks & Recreation out there. 

Parks & Recreation helps foster a sense of self-confidence, comfort, and establish new friendships for our local children.  That’s what we are here for; to help build a community that we are so glad you are a part of. 

If you are a military family or just new to the area, please stop in and see us.  Better yet, I want to personally assist you.  We have so much to offer your email and we want you to get aquatinted with your new community quickly.  We can answer any of your questions about what we offer, events, parks, what to do, where to go, anything even if it doesn’t pertain to us.   I can be reached at or 540-372-1086.  Let me help ease any anxiety you or your children may have and welcome you to the City.

If you want a little more insight on how to keep your kids happy and engaged during a PCS move, check out this post from Military Spouse magazine 

**Have any of my readers been stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood before?  Any advice on where to live, what to do, points of interest, etc!  I'd love to hear it so just shoot me an email! 



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