A FREE Class and a Focus on YOU!

May 8, 2014

web_runjpg.jpgAs parents, step parents, care takers of others, working professionals, students – we spend so much time focusing on all of the other people and in our lives and their needs that we far too often over look our own.  The end result?  We are exhausted, run down, and usually not in the best of state health/wellness mentally, physically or emotionally. 

As a Crossfitter who follows an 80/20 Paleo diet, most people wouldn’t consider me any of the things I mentioned above but I fully admit it, I am.  I allow everyone and everything in my life to get 110% and forget that I can’t be my best self to them if I don’t take care of myself.  I always say yes to everyone, worry about everyone else’s feelings and happiness before my own, stay at work too late,  take on others’ burdens, constantly over schedule and over stretch myself.  My next confession?: I  don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t so busy!

So I have decided to change this, one step at a time and I encourage you all as my friends to join me.  I am currently trying to get back into my own schedule where health/wellness is a priority by signing up for a new fitness challenge and getting back to eating really clean again (if you want to drop some weight and learn or relearn good eating habits, I fully recommend The Whole 30 challenge or a 21 Day Sugar Detox). I have also signed up for a four mile race, my first race since my half marathon two years ago.

I’ve also decided to focus on some things that I enjoy doing and will soon be joining some local organizations.  For example, I have been volunteering with the Dr. Yum Cooking Club and hopefully will soon find an art class that sparks my interest.  With the sunshine and fresh blue skies we enjoy in May, I feel nostalgic and want to re-experience that same young, wild and free careless summertime spirit that I had when I was 18. I want to have more energy, to see my muscles come out a bit more, wear a bathing suit confidently and feel awesome in my own skin and in every role I play in life. 

So let’s make it a promise to each other that we will find at least 30 minutes a day to devote to ourselves: to eat a good meal, mediate, do some yoga or go work out.  Fredericksburg Parks & Rec has some great options for you after work, early Saturday mornings, and even a free class to encourage your kids to do the same; let’s do this, there is strength in numbers!

  • Go out on a limb and try something new with Isshinryu Karate on Saturday mornings or Belly Dancing Wednesday/Thursday evenings
  • Clear your mind and relax Wednesday evenings with Tai Chi and Mediation, Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday evenings or Saturday morning Sunrise Yoga in the park
  • Group Fitness Punch Card Programs to accommodate your schedule morning, afternoon and evenings
  • Want some high intensity, strength training?  Then get that beach body  from our Total Wellness Trainers Boot Camp sessions
  • For kids - Sign them up for one of our fall sports (football, soccer, field hockey) and in the meantime have them try out a FREE athletic conditioning class on June 14 at Old Mill Park

To get signed up for any of these programs just visit www.fredericksburgva.gov/parksandrec and also remember all of the free activities we have around the City to help you to stay fit, happy, and fulfilled. 


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